Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today I worked. Which means the night before I tidy up and organize a little bit more than I usually do; setting the table for the kids' breakfast, sweeping the floor, packing up backpacks. I also go to bed early, and take something to help me sleep.

It is extra effort and time, and a Herculean effort in the morning if the littlest ones are going to daycare--but I LOVE it. Even the rush and effort is awesome. And then the reward for all that work is to do something I enjoy immensely. 

This morning I got up at 530, got ready for work, packed 4 lunches (a joint effort), made two breakfasts in addition to my own, dressed two sleepy kids, and got them to daycare just before 7 (all very much a joint effort).

Then I worked. It was such a busy day, I didn't get off til midnight. We put 700 km on the ambulance today. And we HUSTLED. I came home to dinner left out for me, a clean kitchen, and five sleeping sleepyheads.

I'm astounded at how happy I am to be back at my old job. We did a difficult call today and afterwards my crusty-hard-to-win-over partner said he would work with me any day of the week. High compliment in my business. I will take that. :) This job is amazing.

For a Lent post this isn't very Lent-y, but I did want to express how grateful I am for all of it. And now I'm home comfy in my bed, listening to the ocean outside my bedroom window. It isn't perfect, this life, but right now? It feels pretty damn beautiful.


Tamie said...


Louise Chapman said...

I love that I can now picture you doing these things in your home/town :)

melissa v. said...

I love that you guys were here! Come again soon k?

melissa v. said...


Louise Chapman said...

Not sure about soon but yes, again!! :) So great.