Friday, October 14, 2011

Quote of the Day, On Being Crazy

I'm about as safe and normal as it comes. It's just that my shitty 2% might look a lot worse than yours. Perhaps your 2% probably looks like a box of kleenex or a tub of ice cream. Mine just happens to look like a combination of Lady Gaga, Heroin, and an Atom Bomb. (** no I have not ever done heroin). And because of this fact I have spent WAY TOO EFFING LONG thinking I am disqualified for all awesome things in life. But lo and behold, I do get to be a Mom, a Wife, and all sorts of other wonderful things, and I get to have a great time doing it. I am not disqualified just because my 2% isn't as socially appropriate as the next person's. 

-Caryn Ouwehand