Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Placenta Plant

Morgan, my brother's fiancee, with my latest niece/nephew belly cooking,
and Amarys on her lap.  She and my brother came for an overnight visit and
we happened to bury Amarys' placenta while they were here.  Morgan was curious;
Chad was so grossed out he went and had a nap :)

My brother Chad with his first niece.  Its cute to
watch him grow into being a dad...he's SO ready!
And so good with kids.  My boys run all over him
and he just keeps coming up with wild adventures for them...

We chose a Magnolia tree to plant over Amarys'
placenta.  In our front yard (maybe don't tell the neighbours)

Placenta Planting Team Member: Riley

Placenta Planting Team Member: Ayden

Too busy to pose for a photo, PP Team Member: Matthew

Unless said posing involves ninja moves...

Me and Baby Bug

"Will the worms eat the placenta and make dirt, mommy?"  You bet!
Homeschooling at its best....to augment that public schooling
which certainly leaves out placenta planting....

Placenta in a bag

I love this photo~the blood vessels are so huge and life sustaining, even after
several months in the freezer

My hands on learner

Not so hands on

Hands on?  Not a chance...

I embrace your quirks, and you embrace mine =)

Serious family photo

Always the silly photo...


Rob-o-SE-yo said...

You do a silly photo so they'll do a serious one.
They do a serious photo so they can also do a silly one.

Hope the tree grows tall and mighty!

melissa said...

Such a well-documented family affair. I love it! That is going to be one well-nourished tree!

ms emili louann said...

Love this! Thanks for documenting :) And the picture of your husband's hesitant face made me bust a gut. My husband's face would be posed in the exact same fashion!

nancy said...

love love love these pics....especially Matthews hands right in there! Thats our Matthew:)

Jen said...

I love this! So glad you documented it. I'm amazed at Matthew. That is just so cool that he wants to get right in there and experience it. I miss placentas! (Just the weird thing a midwife-turned-full-time-mommy would say!) :)

Tonya said...

I think I'm going to lose my supper. Great pictures Mel! :-) I do believe I'm with your brother on this one - I'd be taking a nap. After Liza was born, my midwife let the kids touch and play with the placenta. I about puked. :-)

Tamie said...

So summery! Loving the photos! And you are looking so fabulous, Mel! Healthy, tan, happy, beautiful. And your kids are gorgeous and adorable. Hurray for family!